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Hi! I have a few questions.

Hi there,
I'm a sole-trader and have a few questions about which accounting ledgers to use for various purchases made.
I have purchased some software and paid for a web domain, both in USD. The invoices for these purchases show no VAT or Taxes. How do I declare these? And which ledger do I post them to?
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Re: Hi! I have a few questions.


Since you purchased a service from a non-EU country, the supplier should sell this without charge for VAT.
When you write that you have purchased software and a web domain, I think of a service but if I ́m wrong pelase correct me.

On the purchase you have made , reverse tax liability applies so you can post it as follows:

credit   1930  (company account or another liquidity account)
debit     6540 (web domain)    tax code 22 (25%)
debit     5420 (software)          tax code 22 (25%)
debit     2645 (inbound VAT)   tax code 48
credit    2614 (output VAT)      tax code 30 (25%)

To get this right you first have to change the settings on account 6540 and 5420 so they have the tax code 22 (25%)
You can make this change under Settings - Chart of accounts.
Just don ́t forget to change the settings back if you need tho use the same accounts for other bookings in the future.

 The tax codes help you declare this correctly to Skatteverket.

To help other users with a similar question I would like to refer to another diskussion on our forum »Konton vid tjänste - och varuinköp inom och utanför EU

Have a nice day!