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Invoice payment - incorrect payment

Hello, My client has paid more than the amount in the invoice. The amount is 2650kr but he paid 2900kr. He said that I just deduct the 250kr excess on next month's invoice.
How should I post/book this on Eekonomi?
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Moa Lundberg


Match the amount your customer has paid under Kassaoch Bankhändelser (Cashand Bank). 2650:- against theInvoice, match the remaining amount of 250:- against Övrig insättning(Deposit)  - Egen kontering (Own selection of ledger account). You bankaccountis already pre chosen as 250 i debet (debit) . Add the account 2420 in Kredit(Credit) aswell as the amount of 250. Press Bokför (Post to ledger). 

Create next months invoice just as planned but tell yourcustomer to pay 250:- less then the amount on the invoice this time.

 Once you recieve the payment from you customer you match thisamount against the invoice. This will leave the invoice unpaid by 250:-.

 To reduce the debt on the invoice, go to Bokföring (Accounting)- Verifikationer (Journal entries) and create a new Verifikation (Journalentry).

Place the verifikation (Journal entry) on the same date as thesecond payment.

Add thebokföringskonto (Ledger account) 1510, which will allow you to access yourinvoice. Choose your invoice in the new column that appears aswell as theamount 250 in Kredit (Credit). Also add the row for the account 2420 and 250 iDebet (debit). The debt is now all clear.