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Mobile telephone (private invoice) - eEkonomi

Hi, regarding an enskild firm, the faktura for my mobile includes the my daughters telephone as well.  What is the best way to register these expenses and separate the costs so that I do not claim my daughters telephone in my books.  Please help.
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Hi. I suggest you post the entire amount for your daughter's phone as a private withdrawal and only your own expense and vat to the proper accounts 6212 and 2641.
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Hi Annica, thanks for the recommendation.  Sorry for next dumb question, but how do I post my daughters phone as a private withdrawal.  Do I do that in the same transition as I post the faktura?
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Yes that would be the best way to do it!
Cecilia Towner


Annica's proposal works alright, but I had probably chosen to do it differently.

The invoice for the mobilephone probably accurately specifies the amount of the invoice belonging to your number .
I had chosen to only create a supplier invoice in the program for the part of the amount of your phone and company, even though the image base refers to both.

I don ́t know if I missunderstood anything in your discussion but if you book it as a private withdrawal doesn ́t it look as if you took out money from your business without putting it in?

Correct me if I ́m wrong.