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Negative balance in the account 2611 to Skatteverket -eEkonomi

After booking a customers loss, I ended up with a negative value in my account 2611, when I try to send my momsredovisning to Skatteverket it shows it as an error and doesn't let me file it. 

What should I do?
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To the Skatteverket this is not an issue, just send an explaining letter considering the customers loss and they will be fine.
When it comes to your bookkeeping-program you will hopefully get help from the support and you can always declare your VAT at skatteverkets homepage instead and leave the program-problem to rest.

Mikael Pettersson
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The error you get, is it on Skatteverket's homepage or in our program when you try to create the vat report?

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Hej Karl thanks for answering, it's on Skatteverket's home page.
Moa Lundberg


If you get the error on www.skatteverket.se, I recommend that you contact them and ask about the issue.

Have a nice day!