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Referral system does not work - eEkonomi

It seems you have a bug in referral system.
I referred two of my partner for visma ekonomi smart. One of them is using it from 5-6 months but the discount is not registered under referral page.
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Theodor Ahlström

Hi Qasims,

If you click on "Invite a friend - get a discount", you should see your status in there. Does it seem like you have a percentage of your next invoice paid for by Visma if you check the box on the right? It might be that the discount is included in your next invoice? 

If you on this page click on "Se status för dina tips" you can see the friends that you have invited to use eAccounting. You can check this page to see that your referrals have been registered. Please check this and return with an answer, mabye with another picture or that you bescribe how it looks and we will look further on your case.

Have a nice day!
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I am talking about the same thing. I aware of what you mentioned.
One of the persons I referred is using visma Ekonomi from half year.

I referred another he is using from this Month. He bought it from my link but it is not registered in this list even. Why?

See Intjänt column, it says nothing?
You system does not keep record of referral properly. 
Also, I contacted your helpdesk they were-not able to understand what I am talking and asking me where is that referral page. Are you even updating this feature or it is buggy from years?

I did a good effort to convenience those people I will be very unhappy if I didn't get my discount.

My Janhall

Hi Qasims, 
We are going to look at this further so you can see the right status on Status för dina tips and get the right discount on your invoices. We will conact you via e-mail. 

Have a nice day! 

/ My