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eInvoices for Danish municipal companies - eEkonomi


Could you please help us.

1) Our company has customers from Danish municipalities. These companies from Danish municipalities have specific EAN number and receive invoices via specific Danish software. Is it possible to send Danish municipal companies eInvoices vis Visma economi smart? 

2) How should look like information for creating new recipients in the table "Information about the service provider", EDI service provider ID? Is there should be figures, letters, what format should be? Please find the file with missing information attached.

3) If it is not possible to send eInvoice via Autoinvoice in Visma to companies from Danish municipalities, do you know how to solve this problem? (any software, etc.)

Thank you in advance!

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Re: eInvoices for Danish municipal companies - eEkonomi


I'm not sure that I have all the info you request, but I'll do my best....

Contact Visma support and request help with AutoInvoice.

Behind the scenes Visma is working with Inexchange as service provider. They might be able to help you as well.

The PEPPOOL "protocol" should enable sending and receiving EDI invoices between countries, but I'm not familiar with the procedures.....

Try the following on your own:

* Register the customer/supplier in Visma
* Be sure to register VAT and GLN correctly.
  * The VAT can be checked on web - http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/vieshome.do
  * The GLN should be provided by the company in question.
  * Visma should be able to get hold of your own GLN I think....

In Visma Administration you should be able to check if the company you are dealing with is able to handle EDI ahd hopefully automatically make the connections, but it is not fool proof. Some companies have setups of their own that must meet their standards.

//Davor P


Re: eInvoices for Danish municipal companies - eEkonomi


We can see that you have been in contact with us through our support regarding this question. If you still have not received an answer that way or from another source, please comment in this thread again. 

Best regards

Re: eInvoices for Danish municipal companies - eEkonomi


Yes, we have contacted Visma support a few times with this question. 
If we understood correctly if our suppliers/customers from the municipal sector don't use software and format for sending invoices which can be accepted Visma, we can't send them eInvoices.
Most of our customers use Danish system Nemhandel and we can't choose them from the list of recipients, but others (who use for example Sproom) Visma can find in the list of recipients and we can send eInvoices.  
Of course, we would like to clarify, when Visma plans to use/integrate also another format/protocol will allow to us sent invoices to foreign countries with Autoinvoice module. If it already integrated, could you please advise us with set up and needed settings.

We will be grateful to you for help!

Re: eInvoices for Danish municipal companies - eEkonomi

Have you tried contacting Inexchange? They are working "behind the scenes" and supplying some functions to Visma Autoinvoice.

I don't know if the PEPPOOL protocol is mandatiry in Denmark.

Re: eInvoices for Danish municipal companies - eEkonomi

Hello JMSol

We have checked this again and after contacting inexchange they confirmed that ERP-systems using the registry Nemhandel should indeed be eligible for receiving electronic invoice through inexchange. 

So most likely something else i the issue with these customers if you still can not send them electronic invoices. 

Please respond here if the issue still remains.

Best regards