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Since I am working as Consultant with different customers in different countries, I would like to have task instead of articles. For example, task under projects could be based on task hours, based on project hours or fixed cost for the project for example.
So it would look like:

When reporting time if we select a project under activity it will only appear the tasks associated with that project and the customer will be automatically selected because it is associated with that project. And the currency used on the tasks will be the one defined on the customer, so we don't need to change manually the hourly cost when transferring the time to the invoice. 
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Hi jdias!

Thank you for your feedback and ideas! This is a quite new forum thread so I recommend you all to follow or leave a comment if you want the same thing. :)

We will update in this thread if this is something that will be changed in eAccounting. 

Have a nice day!

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