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i wanted to account travel expenses from a foreign country in a foreign currency (EUR). i uploaded the ticket pdf's into "source document images" and linked them. As a supplier i chose the flight/ferry-company and selected EUR as a currency. i posted it to the ledger account 5800 (travel expenses). in the source documents description the amount 214+321eur and currency "EUR" is correct. if i go into accounting -> ledger -> account 5800 the two amounts 214 and 321 are just added as a number. so they are treated within 5800-account as if they where SEK. now -of course- my travel expenses account is mixed up and the balance is wrong. 

when i create an invoice to a person in a Euro country (with currency EUR) the amount is automatically converted to SEK and added to the accounting correctly. so i thought it will be the same for expenses, but it is obviously not. am i doing something wrong?

- how can i account travel expenses in EUR without messing up my 5800-account ? there has to be a way to automatically convert it to SEK right?
- how can i undo the incorrect transaction and remove them from the account ?

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We have investigate this now and it works as expected in eAccounting. When you create Purchase reciept in another currency eAccounting will not convert the amount to SEK. 

I understand that this would be great to have as a function so I will take it with me as an improvement. If this is something that will be implemented in eAccounting we will update this thread. :)

Have a nice easter!