Make a payment of share sale - Lön 300/600

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I have a client he needs to pay an employee the share sale ,how can i do this in the visma lön with which löneart ?.
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Hi Tia,

I will take this in english and I hope you will understand.
You could use salary type 1405 (Ränta och utdelning) like in the forum discussion Löneart för aktieutdelning»

If you need to make any changes to the salay type you could make a copy of it and create 14051.
If you want the taxes to only be 20% instead of 30% that 1405 has you could use salary type 2203 (manuellt framräknad preliminäskatt) and fill in the taxes manually.
Like in the help document Hur betalar jag ut utdelning med 20% skatteavdrag?»

I hope this will help you, otherwise just let us know.

Have a nice day!