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I would like to have the possibility to make more custom changes on the invoices, for example, add on the details, the date automatically on the notes when the task/time was done/reported. Also, have the possibility to have total hours per day/task/art. on the invoice.

An example in the picture in attach.

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Here is the example of what I am talking about:

I have to put the date manually on the Invoice Text in order to have the date information on the invoice details.

Since I am registering hours in different dates on the Visma eAccounting Time, we have all the info to put that on the invoice, so I don't need to add the dates manually. Little silly, I would say!

//João Dias
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Thank you for your feedback!

About the date you now have to add manually I recommend you to leave a comment or follow this forum thread "Få med datum på fakturan - Visma eEkonomi Tid". 

Have a nice day!