Submitting expenses in Visma eEkonomi Smart

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I have purchased several things for my company and would like to know how I submit an expense form in Visma eEkonomi Smart.

The types of expenses include, technology, office furniture, books, design services, and other things I have purchased on my private credit card for my company. 

Would I have to include myself as a supplier?
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Hi Logbeide,

We have a smart app for sending source documents for purchases called Visma Scanner. Take a photo of the receipt or invoice and send it to your program.
It is a free app to eAccounting Smart. The source documents will be visible under Purchasing - Source document images (Inköp - Bildunderlag).
Depending on which type of company you have (enskild firma or aktiebolag) we also have to movies where we show you exactly how do handle this.
Please see the movie for enskild firma here and for aktiebolag here.
You will not have to include yourself as a supplier.

I hope you will find this useful. 

Have a great day!