Suggestions for the Mobile Applications

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Hi guys,

I have start to work with Visma, and coming from Zoho application, so I miss some features.


 eAccounting Mobile App:

  • Possibility to import a customer contact from the mobile address book;
  • Dashboard with a graphical overview of the total amount in SEK invoiced and expenses, per month also;
  • Possibility to extract the invoice in PDF file on the application
  • Possibility to print the invoice from the mobile
  • Possibility to send a reminder email to the customer if the invoice is not paid on time;
  • Possibility to Create articles and projects on the application
  • Possibility to create reports from the app, like sales by customer, sales by item, payments received, expenses by category...
  • Possibility to see the total of expenses on the app
  • Possibility to change the setting of the company on the app
  • Possibility to create salary slips on the app

Time Mobile App:

  • Integrate this feature on the eAccounting app for customers that pay for this
  • Possibility to create reports from the app by Time by customer, Time by Project...
  • Dashboard with a graphical overview of total hours per month, year, by users...
  • Possibility to export time to invoice
  • Possibility to add expenses to our own company, not customer
  • Possibility to add miles/kms to our own company
  • Possibility to register time a bulk of hours, example a full month, range of time. Let us say 8 hours a day for the customer A in week X or month D, or from date A to Date B.
  • Possibility to have some settings configuration, like for example change what is the required field or configure more required fields
  • Have a workflow approve for time and expenses that can be approved on the app

Scanner Mobile App:

  • Integrate this feature on the eAccounting app
  • When talking photo on invoices/Receives have a possibility to click to start a auto scan, so we don’t need to wait for the OCR to be done. We just take a picture, click start auto scan and close the app.
  • Have a better OCR system for PDF files for example
  • Have a preview of the documents on the start screen of the app, because now it is difficult to identify documents if you scan them on the same day

Well, for now, is just features that I would like to have on the mobile Visma apps.

//João Dias

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Your lists implies a larger scope for the apps but I like it a lot. "Sign me up!"
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Thank you for the suggestions regarding our apps :)

I think that many of your suggestions for improvements of the apps sounds great, it would help users to be able to use the app more if needed.

A great dashboard for the eAccounting app is on our own wish-list as well, this is not something that will be developed in the near future but it is something that we are looking in to. 

I understand that you want to work mainly from your smartphone and with our apps, however, regarding eAccounting Time you can enter the browser-version trough your phone in order to get some more functionallity compared to the app. I understand that this is not a solution but wanted to mention it as a possible solution for now.

I want to, once again, thank you for all the suggestions. I think it's great when customers comes with feedback regarding our programs and apps, it's always helpful for us. Here in our supportforum we want to encourage our users to add one suggestion per post. The reason for this is because it is easier for all of us to follow up on the posts if we have one post for each suggestion. I understand that this is hard in your case since you have many good suggestions but I wanted to mention it for your future posts. I hope that you'll enjoy being a part of our forum :) 

Have a nice weekend!