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Which VAT code should I use, 06, 23, or 48? - eEkonomi


I am very new to both accounting and eEkonomi.
For account 2641 - Debiterad ingående moms, I don't know which VAT code I should use, 06, 23, or 48? The goods is going to be exported out of EU.

06 momspliktiga uttag 12%
23 inköp av vissa varor i Sverige 12%
48 ingående moms att dra av

Thanks a lot in advance!
Best Regards,
4 SVAR 4

it's should be code 48 - and this account is not open for any changes
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Hi @Pacsac, thanks a lot for your answering!

Another complex case:

I have one invoice from SJ, it has two different VAT percentage:

When I created a new invoice in eEkonomi Smart, I had only one place to input the VAT, and the VAT code is uneditable 48.

Is this entry CORRECT? Or should I add new account to split the VAT?
If I should add new account, what are they?

Another question is about invoice in pdf format. I uploaded the invoice in .pdf format from web, I can see there is a red dot in the right corner of the button "Link image", but when I click the button to link it, it is not seen. Any idea about this?

BR, Yunzhi

The entry is correct, you don't have to split the VAT. 
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Thank you very much!