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Choosing Ledger Acounts - eEkonomi

Hi! I'm after some help when it comes to selecting ledger accounts. I am a musician and music teacher and have purchased some musical equipment for this so I need to log these purchases. Along with that, I have paid for facebook advertising and bought some transcription software. Which ledger account should I choose to reconcile these purchases?
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Anna Svensson


Equipments for your firm:
If the prize is 22 400SEK or more and usage is 3 years or more this is an inventory that should be booked at for example 1221 with yearly depreciation.
Otherwise you can use for example 5410.

Facebook advertising: 
This is normally classed as reverse VAT. Check the invoice you recieved to make sure how this is classed.
My suggestion is to copy account 5910 and choose VAT code: 21 - Purchases of services from another EC country.
Make sure the VAT is reported at 2614 and 2645.
Read more about this in Register purchase invoice with reverse charge VAT »

You can find more help about ledger account to choose here in Visma Spcs forum or in Visma Support Panel. You find Visma Support Panel at your top right in Visma eEkonomi.

Anna Svensson
~Content producer, Visma lönefamilj~