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inventory and cost of good sold

I am facing following issues in my system. A prompt reponse with resolution would be appreciated:

I m not able to reconcile my opening inventory balance , how can I do inventory adjustment.
1. How should I close the year end. System initiated from January 2022, My account perform the year end closing however system does reflect the correct figure for COGS( cost of goods sold ).
2. System shows negative opening balance, which is not true.
3. Profit and loss statement calculates gross profit as Sales- Purchases ( it should be Sale - COGS)

4. how do I show invnetory ?


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Tinna Gunnarsson

Hi @syedaabidi 

Thank you for reaching out to us.

To better assist you with your questions, I would like to ask you to contact our support department where my colleagues will be happy to help you further.


Welcome to contact our support department