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Zettle - Selling services and goods


I use Izettle intergration with visma. Recently I sold some products and services together. Zettle automatically inputs the sale of services into my journal. It looks like this


1581 - Zettle - Fordringar för kontokort och kuponger                1122,5(D)   

3041 - Försäljn tjänst 25% sv                                                         898(C)

2611 - Utgående moms på försäljning inom Sverige, 25%          224,5(C)


Do I need to change this to split the service cost and product cost? If so, Do I edit the journal entry and add in "3051 - Försäljn varor 25% sv" and remove the products cost from the 898? Or do I create a manual journal entry and debit 3041 for the value of the goods and credit 3051? Or can it be left as it is ?

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Josefine Johansson



Thank you for your question. Its not that big of a deal that you bookkeep revenue from both goods and services on the same account, but I'ts better to separate so that you can see in your result report how much revenue you have on each thing to better keep track. 


The best thing would be if you can get it separated in the Zettle settings, which you usually can if you talk to them and you do the right settings. Then you wouldn't have to edit every journal entry when you sell both. Either you edit the journal entry or you make a new manual verification/entry were you put the amount in debet on 3041 and kredit on 3051 to move the correct amount. 


Have a nice day!