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Status of delivered invoices to customers


Question / idea to developers of Visma. 
Is it possible to add information status about delivering sent invoices to our customers?
Now we can see only date of invoice creation and that " Sent as e-invoice via AutoInvoice". It would be good to know and be sure that our customers received our einvoices and the same with invoices sent to email. 

Please update us with any information.

Thank you in advance!

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Hi JMSol,

I understand that it would be useful. As of now, you will receive a red x-mark in your eAccounting when an invoice is not delivered.
You will also see information on why it was not delivered.
After that, you can take actions and re-send it to the customer.

You can feel safe that the invoices not marked with a red x-mark are delivered to your customers 🙂
The same goes for invoices sent via e-mail, you will see the same mark if those are not delivered.

Have a great evening.
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Thank you for feedback.

When we open our sales invoice we can see only next information, please find the file attached. So, the blue circle is mean that everything is ok?

Invoices can be sent but not delivered. We have such a situation that we sent the invoice from our side via email, but the customer didn't receive it. For us will be good to be sure about 100% receiving of invoice by our customer because now we can only hope that the customer receives the invoice. 

Thank you in advance!

In the view of all invoices you can se the red circle with a X inside, and in that view you can select to show only invoices that not have been delivered "mejlad faktura ej levererad". dropdown; "all invoices" , "not paid" … 


As you wrote the blue circle means that the invoice has been sent successfully from eAccounting. An invoice via e-mail can be sent and not delivered but that is unfortunately nothing we can check and notify for you. When the email has been sent successfully but not recived by the customer everything has been checked, such as if the e-mail adress is correct and that the e-mail doesnt bounce back to us for various reasons. 

I understand that it would be useful for us and for you to be able to check "all the way" but in this case it can't be done. In this case when the customer doesn't receive the e-mail it means that the customer often has some sort of filter in their inbox that won't accept the invoice or place it in the junkmail.  

I hope this will give you some answers 🙂 
Have a nice day!