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Business purchases from personal account in Enskild Firma

I bought multiple items from my personal account for my business. Now I want to book all those purchases in my Visma Accounts. How can I do that ?

Do I have to send all those invoices and against all those invoices I will generate payslip ? same like if an employee purchases item for your business and send you the invoice and you pay them back in there salary payout or there is something else ?

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Hi Shehram,

We have our user tip Post your own deposit in an Enskild firma. Since it is in Swedish, I will translate the accounting example below. In Visma eEkonomi you make this booking with a manual verification under Accounting - Journal entries.



The company has made a purchase of goods with 25% VAT, this purchase was made from your private account. The purchase cost SEK 1,200 excluding VAT and you must enter the cost in the company's accounting.

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2641 - Debiterad ingående moms




If you have employees in your company you can generate a payslip and the expenses are paid in connection with the salary as an allowance or cost compensation. 


I hope and think this will answer your questions. 🙂 

Have a good day!