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Faktureringmetod purchase with bank card

Hi, I have an enskild firma and use the faktureringmetod. 

When I receive an invoice I book it as a suppliers invoice, then when I pay it, I book against the debt. When I pay with my company bank card at a store or online, can I just book it as purchase with reciept? 


Example 1:

I buy goods at the store to resell, I book it in 4000(D),1930(C) & 2641(D).


Example 2:

Every month my ad manager takes 500kr from my account automatically and I receive a online invoice/reciept once it's paid.

I book it as purchase with reciept in 5970(D),1930(C) & 2641(D). 


Example 3:

My insurance sends a digital invoice. I book the invoice in 2440(C), 6300(D). When I pay it I book the payment in 2440(D), 1930(c)


Am I doing things correctly?

Thanks in advance 



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Marielle Westberg

Hi @Dean118725

Everything seems to be fine, provided that the insurance does not cover real estate, transport, pension, labor market insurance or insurance on cars/other means of transport.

I would like to take the opportunity to advise you on handling all bank transactions under Cash and Bank in Visma eEkonomi. By doing so, you can take advantage of smart features and save time and effort 🙂  Read more about it here

Have a wonderful summer!