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Multiple USD accounts, bank, paypal, etc - eEkonomi

We have a Bank account in USD. Now some customers would also like to send USD Paypal.

Since we also purchase in USD, we created a USD paypal account to avoid double currency conversion charges.

I am finding the following problems:

- An IBAN is mandatory for the Paypal USD account.
- It is not possible to have 2 ledger accounts in USD currency.
- It is not possible to have 2 bank accounts with the same ledger account.

Basically, there is no possible way of having 2 USD bank accounts with VISMA. Also, working with non traditional bank accounts requires introducing nasty workarounds such as madeup bank account numbers or IBAN numbers.

On the support chat they recommended booking the USD account as a SEK account and revaluing the account periodically, which, seems an extra complication.

Also I don't really understand why to limit the number of accounts, in particular now that there are so many new options coming.
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Re: Multiple USD accounts, bank, paypal, etc - eEkonomi


That's unfortunately correct. You can only have one active foreign currency ledger account per currency. If you want to create a new foreign currency ledger account for this currency, you must disable the existing one.

As of today we do not have any other solution. I'll send this as a suggestion to our development department.