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förfallodatum för leverantörsfaktura



I'm having trouble with creating a supplier invoice.  I purchase services from the EU and I pay using my company bankcard, the services are delivered directly when I pay. I use the "Faktureringsmetoden" within my book keeping. So I create the supplier, create a new supplier invoice but it requires a due date. My supplier does not list a due date or have a set amount of time when its to be paid. What do I do? Do I select the same day as the invoice is created and when I have paid it? 


Additionally, If I do this, the bank transaction that shows for matching is shown that it comes a few days later even though I paid on the same day. 


I.E supplier invoice created on 210701, Paid on 210701 but the bank registered the payment came out 210705.


What is the best way to solve the mismatched dates on the bank match and the supplier invoice due date?



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The correct due date is the same as the invoice date for card payments.